cities and us

Pavão-Pavãozinho e Cantagalo children - Javier Jimenez
Pavão-Pavãozinho e Cantagalo children – Javier Jimenez

Every year, more and more of us move to the city. In this decade, for the first time in history, more of the world’s people live in cities than outside of them. As they have done for thousands of years, people come to cities seeking something better than what they had – work, wealth, safety, excitement. And, as has been the case for an equally long time, they also face danger, poverty, and even boredom, once arrived there.

Like it or not, good influence or bad, cities are here to stay. They not only provide us with the root of our term “civilization”—they also comprise the essence of that word’s meaning. Cities reflect the way we relate as human beings, establish community life and ultimately societies. Exploring the intricate relationship between cities and human beings is at the essence of this Insight CAMOC thematic section.

We encourage you to join the discussion on “cities and us” by contributing your thoughts and experiences in this blog. We look forward for contributions from all those interested in cities, their people, their past, present and future, be it professionals, experts, scholars, city residents and lovers.
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