urban museology

Tenement Museum, New York - Gegê Leme Joseph
Tenement Museum, New York – Gegê Leme Joseph

Everyone knows that, as cultural centers, cities are the site of the world’s great museums. Only in urban centers does one find the wealth, expertise, collections, and real estate that have made possible such international cultural treasures as St. Petersburg’s Hermitage, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, or Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology.

But as cultural creations in their own right, cities themselves deserve a museum. Since at least 1866, when Parisians began planning their Musée Carnavalet, people have seen the great possibilities of creating institutions that will document, study, and celebrate the extraordinary phenomenon that is the city.

Today, with city museums operating on every continent, this unique kind of institution has become something more than a site for understanding the urban past: it is a laboratory for the future, a place for citizens to come together to think about how to make their cities into humane and prosperous places.

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